The Three Sisters

"Amanda Hartley is terrific in her transformation from peasant to tyrannical ruler of the roost and glowing adulteress."

Hedy Weiss (NOV 11 2010) "Piven's 'Three Sisters' stilted and uneven despite solid performances". Chicago Sun-Times

"But it isn't one of the sisters who is the most intriguing of "Three Sisters" -- it's [Amanda Hartley] as their bossy, insufferably self-absorbed sister-in-law Natasha. From quavering, insecure peasant to imperious domestic tyrant, [Hartley's] Natasha commands her every scene."

Catey Sullivan (NOV 4 2010) "'Three Sisters' is solid, but needs more vibrancy". Pioneer Press

"A petulant, anxious ice queen with a superiority complex and unhealthy levels of self-righteousness, Natasha is played with villainous gusto by [Amanda] Hartley, who fearlessly depicts the character's power trip..."

Oliver Sava (OCT 30 2010) "Chekhov’s naturalist classic enjoys lively revival at Piven". Chicago Theater Blog